Design and
3D Modeling

ScaffSource is with you every step of the way, from project planning to execution, providing the source for your jobsite scaffolding needs. Our innovative 3D modeling delivers precise scaffold design, so we can verify the exact inventory you need to begin your project on time and stay within budget. We simplify complex projects by providing better visualization and planning to verify the inventory need, provide safer execution and deliver labor and material cost savings. Our design and modeling services assist you in a single large application or provide comprehensive design services for Clash Mitigation for an entire unit/project where scaffolds are to be installed.

Benefits of ScaffSource Design & Modeling:

  • More accurate piece counts
  • Integrates with project to provide better scope visibility
  • Greater accuracy helps mitigate rework
  • Provides staff greater understanding of how scaffold will be erected
  • Ensures scaffold designs are in compliance before assembly (OSHA Regulation)
  • Creates comprehensive bill of material (BOM) and scaffold work packages (SWP)
  • Front-end engineer designs (feed) on-site/off-site during planning phase
  • Scaffold designers with hands-on experience build in real-life solutions
  • Provides visibility into labor and material savings opportunities
  • Provides early visibility to errors, omissions and rework mitigation to boost productivity