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Our shoring products are a great choice for all new construction, re shoring existing loads, demolition work , or work associated with on-going infrastructure improvement projects.

ScaffSource has a long history of providing scaffolding solutions.  Because of that, it was only natural when we expanded our offerings to include shoring solutions.  We inventory some of the most popular systems with Post Shore, 20K Frame and Drophead. We’ve filled our network with enough inventory to meet your needs and will continue to expand our capabilities as your needs increase.  ​​



Scaffsources hi load shoring systems hot dipped galvanized that includes all frames and accessories to ensure that the material arrives on site in great shape with no rust. Scaff sources HD frame shoring is a robust and versatile system equipped for any project

  • 20kips per frame

  • Meets and exceeds industry standard

  • Meets the growing demand of the concrete industry



The drop head system allows for forming and pouring concrete decks in large areas in multi story units. The forming deck members can be dropped without disturbing the post and allow the post to remain in place while the "head" is cycled between floors, thus leaving the re-shoring posts in place while moving a majority of the components to the next floor. With its own rolling rack system, drop for multiple deck pour in large multi story units.



Scaff sources modular aluminium shoring systems (mass) is a light weight high- capacity system. Mass is easy to assemble and has a small number of components that can be handset, rolled across slabs, or fly in tables . This system has all the capacity, flexibility and safety built in , to form any elevated slab in the industry!

  • Light weight - no mor than 50 LBS each

  • High capacity of 35 Kips per post modular shoring system 

  • Easy to assembly

Extension legs

  • 1"-7"

  • 5"-0" 

  • 8"-0"

  • 11"-0"

  • 15"-0"

Outer legs

  • 5"-0" 

  • 8"-0"

  • 11"-0"

  • 15"-0"

Inner legs screw jack

  • 5"-6"

  • 2"-7"


Updated Aluminum Beams (JPG).jpeg

The scaffsource alluminum joist (SSAJ) is a lightweight, high- strength, alluminum joist  that is 6-5"tall with a 5" bottom flange and plastic nailer, comparable to most joist s available in the market today in both height and capacity, scaff source aluminum joists are ready available to complete a project on their own or as a supplement to your existing inventory to help you take on bigger projects.


  • Scaffs sources aluminium stringer ( ssas) is 7.25" high

  • 3.90" twin flange, top, and bottom flange

  • The twin flange design allows the ssas to occupy a single 8"x8" u-head

  • Available sizes 5"-20"


Post Shore 1.jpg

Scaff Sources post shores are high strength galvanized post that range from 6"-6" to 18"-1"for all your shoring needs. Great for projects such as


  • Re- shoring CIP decks

  • Renovation

  • Back shoring

  • Beam shoring

  • Concrete

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