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ScaffSource is a shoring material sales and rental provider. Our shoring products are ideal for new construction, re-shoring existing loads, demolition work or work associated with ongoing infrastructure improvement projects. We inventory some of the most popular systems with Post Shore, 20K Frame and Drophead.

HD Frame Shoring System

All frames and accessories in this hi-load shoring system are hot-dipped galvanized for corrosion protection.

Drophead Shoring System

Our Drophead Shoring System allows for forming and pouring concrete decks in large areas in multi-story units.

Modular Aluminum Shoring System

This lightweight, high-capacity system is easy to assemble with a small number of components.

Aluminum Beams and Stringers

The ScaffSource Aluminum Joist (SSAJ) is lightweight and high strength, making it ideal for completing a project or as a supplement to your existing inventory so you can take on bigger projects.

Post Shores

These high-strength, galvanized post shores are ideal for a range of projects, from renovation to back and beam shoring.


We offer a full range of accessories to fully build out your scaffold.